I have one of my friends who graduated from university and became a fine public servant. Once he told me that what he had learned from school had been useless. However, what little philosophy he had learned proved to be of great benefit.

Smoking means suicide.


Let me step inside.

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The bad weather's preventing me from leaving.

What in the world did you buy?

She asked him to carry her bag.

I wouldn't spend my life here.

She still thinks of us as friends.

I spent my vacation in a foreign country.

The dog attacked the little boy.


I'm going to really miss Vincenzo.


He moved west to Nashville, Tennessee.

Elisabeth looks extremely busy.

We're all waiting.

I refuse to reply to these charges.

Why do you want to see us?

He left for England at the beginning of August.

Karen broke the window pane.


I think I'd rather not do that.

I'm doubtful that he's going to come.

Thanks to the nice person who showed me this thread.

Love is not just a feeling, but also an art.

Dewey never wrote back to Ralph.


Did Vincenzo tell you we were leaving tomorrow?

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I thought that she was pregnant.

We're so glad you could come.

There's nothing wrong with the formula.

I don't like lying to her.

I was brought up in the country.

Owen came to the conclusion that no matter what he did, Joseph wouldn't like it.

The hierarchy of rank has long been fixed.

Do you know how long they have been married?

Go on ahead and tell the others we're coming.

He was covered with sweat.

Don't run on your sentences with commas.

I wash my face every evening to get my makeup off.

It wasn't even a disappointment.


I was appointed to section chief.

Gypsy is an excellent marksman.

I stepped on a piece of broken glass.


I went to a concert with Stanley.

Get back in the van.

Are you telling me you don't know who he was?

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Thank you very much for the wonderful dinner last night.

I invented an excuse for missing the banquet.

Puzzles are fun!

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Sonja wants to work in a factory.

I don't think I'm unimaginative.

Those who choose this way would make a big mistake.

It's Friday today.

Beth was always up a tree.

Don't fritter away your allowance.

Is the phone ringing?

Jarvis is very clever indeed.

What could possibly be that important?

I bought two more just like that one.

Someone has to confront them.

Do you know the difference between silver and tin?

When Rajesh was a kid, he became obsessed with the girl who lived across the street from him.

Women in Africa have shorter and curlier hair.

He adored his school.

I know you want to help.

Do you have a search warrant?


Please stay as long as you wish.

I played with Sridhar and Pat today.

It's been my lifelong dream to publish a book.

I got you a present.

I had mosquito bites all over my legs when I woke up this morning.

Do you know how I can get there?

Pepe felt his life crumbling down at his feet.

I didn't hurt that reporter. You're trying to make me look like the bad guy in the story.

Do you think you could give me a paper bag?

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He is a self-oriented person.


Birds have wings.

I don't want to go bald when I'm still young.

Ricky has been way ahead of me the whole time.

They had games, made good friends, and enjoyed themselves very much.

The book is now available.


I'm very sorry to hear that.

Sometimes the nights are cool.

I couldn't do that to you.


The speed of an airplane is much greater than that of a helicopter.

Murthy wants me to see everything.

There is nothing like a walk.

Micah was very angry with Sjaak and it took her a long time to placate him.

When the water was brought to a boil she added the ingredients.

I need her now.

The automatically-generated furigana on this website shouldn't be trusted too much.

Life is hard for everybody.

She glimpsed him running through the crowd.

There are tulips around the steel building.

There is no aspect of relaxation more important than breathing.

William said he was thirsty.

I want you to send this report to Suzanne.

He is looking for trouble.

Ron is running a fever.


I didn't understand a word that guy said.

He can play the piano better than I.

How long can you hold your breath?

I know why Sheila quit his job.

My transition from male to female is going well.

Most people brush their teeth at least two times a day.

I've got eyes.


I've just come up with a great idea.

We don't have as much money as we thought.

Whiskey goes very well with tea.


Recently, I've been having trouble sleeping.

He's concealing something from me.

I had to speak at a moment's notice.

Your wry insolence will not be rewarded.

Kathleen must be desperate.

Ought he to be forced out of the presidency?

Where is there a bakery?


They're in separate rooms.

I'll let you stay one night.

Page stayed with Stanley until the ambulance came.

My grandfather is a bit hard of hearing.

Don't lose confidence, Mike.

The machine takes a lot of room.

My native language is Japanese.

It is been so long time i didn't eat Uttcu (An Amazigh food).

I dedicate this song to you.


He devoted himself to the study of English literature.


I had lived in Osaka for eighteen years when I moved to Tokyo.

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I have to prepare the breakfast.

After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

Leonard has been upset.

I should've asked.

He longed for the winter to be over.


We're still trying to convince Masanao to go to college.

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Liyuan could be a spy.

Kuldip is really busy right now.

He's really quick.


I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother.

Jelske is a very amazing person.

Rudolf was suffocating.

Danny has never asked a favor of anybody.

If you had told me the truth, I would not be angry now.


I went to Tokyo to see Tony.

Both his sisters are beautiful.

I don't want to hear another word.

I'm still not sure where you're going with this.

I haven't been sleeping very much lately.

Already two weeks went by and I have not seen you.

Did Lum object?

God beware me!

She was blinded by the glare of headlights and could not avoid the accident.

You can tell him I said so.

In fact, we don't have any witnesses to the accident.

Did you tell him to do that?

Who am I supposed to go with?

I'm doing the right thing.

The medical name for his disease is ALS.

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We've got a few problems of our own.

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Does it have to be him?


What is that cat doing?

We arrived to find a huge meal ready for us.

The company turned him down for no apparent reason.

Sanche was trying to be helpful to you.

Jackye walked toward Saumya.

Can somebody answer that?

You have nothing to fear anymore.

My urine is a little red.

All doctors say something to please their patients.

Christina has been sick in bed for three days.

Who is the girl standing at the door?


I don't follow you.

He emptied the container of its contents.

We would've enjoyed our trip if it hadn't been for the rain.